Series on Ecclesiastes – #06 PREPARING OURSELVES FOR WORSHIP

Steve Grant
Under The Sun? Or Under The Son? – Series on Ecclesiastes
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12
Preparing ourselves for worship
16 November 2014

Solomon begins his book with a seeming litany of complaints. But as we progress we begin to see the wisdom of his thoughts across a diverse range of subjects. Now however, Solomon speaks to one of the most important applications of his book — worship. More specifically, the state of our hearts and minds when we come into the house of God. 

Whilst singing and offering praises and prayers are good activities, Solomon actually exhorts us to be quiet and listen rather than offering the sacrifice of fools. What is this sacrifice of fools? It's a sacrifice of coming before God but not listening. The sacrifice of a fool is the opposite of listening; it is failure to listen. The fool may sing and make a big deal about what he does on the outside, but if he isn’t listening, it's a pointless exercise and a sacrifice that is not pleasing to God. 

In this section, Solomon brings home the point that instead of indulging in multiplicity of words, we need to fear God. And if indeed we fear him, we will be careful about what we say and how we say it; what we give and how we give it. We will be extremely concerned about what we look like on the inside. 

When our hearts and minds are focused on the glory and character of God, only then will we worship Him in a manner that is truly honouring to him.