Steve Grant
Under The Sun? Or Under The Son? – Series on Ecclesiastes
Ecclesiastes 10:12 - 20
The Disappointment of Unsatisfied Desires
08 March 2015

We may have life and liberty, but the pursuit of life doesn’t often go well. This is because we often yearn for things we don't have. Our longings don't go away, they often return.

In this text, Solomon is letting us know that there is know way to escape the vanity of our existence. There is nothing that can, or will, satisfy us. No amount of arguing or complaining will change that. This life is a short preparation for a long existence with God.

What’s more, our eternal life has begun if we know God and live under Him. Nothing is going to satisfy in life without Him. After all, our life today is a preparation for eternity with Him.  

Are you living your life without him?  Are you pursuing everything but him? Remember, God is the only one who can bring satisfaction to your life!