Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians — #07 BE CAREFUL HOW YOU BUILD

Geoff Hohneck
Series on 1 Corinthians
Be Careful How You Build
1 Corinthians 3:10-25
20 July 2014

Assessments and evaluations of all kinds are commonplace in our lives, serving to motivate us to do what is right. Or at very least, to do what is compliant with the laws and authorities that are above us. So we understand the idea of being assessed. In this passage, Paul paints the picture of the church as an institution, which one day will be assessed for its build quality. As we have see thus far, the Corinthians failed in terms of building correctly because they succumbed to all sorts or worldly pressures and influences.

So Paul exhorts them to build in alignment to God’s plan because the day of assessment is coming. Perhaps this is a good time to turn the spotlight on ourselves – are we motivated by the assessment of our lives that is on its way? More to the point, are we building according to God’s codes?


1. Building on the right foundation (vs 10-11)

2. Building with the right materials (vs12-15)

3. Building with the right attitude (vs 16-23)