“… and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32

The promises made by our politicians over the last couple of months in order to persuade the voters of yesterday will now be put to the test. But as normal the promises made will often fail owing to the failure of leaders to keep their word. Truth gets sidelined and all sorts of blame shifting begin to fill the void. And the sad part in all this - we the constituents have grown to accept this low value and treatment of truth from our leaders.

But as believers in Jesus Christ, truth from our Leader above all earthly leaders, God Himself, can and should be valued and treated as absolute with no possible flaw or failure. 

But how grievous it is - for we also can be influenced by the nurture and nature of our culture that we treat absolute truth from God a little like we treat truth from many of our politicians.  For example, experiences in life will always put our value of God’s truth to the test. We will either trust His Word and be guided by it - or we will allow whatever experience we go through, determine our responsive actions, leaving God’s truth trailing as second best! 

Christian - we live in an experientially besotted culture where truth is relegated to not meaning much - if anything. But as believers we must know that true freedom in this life and the one to come is only found through God’s truth - right? I like how Tom Wells says in his book, Christian: Take Heart: “We must always judge our experience by the Word of God. We must never make God’s Word conform to our experience.”