Vanity of vanities! All is vanity. Ecclesiastes 1:2

When younger I used to dabble in spinning my wheels of the cars I drove. Thankfully, because of the lower powered engines ‘back then’ I could never be a ‘hoon’ and spin them, to leave long black marks of raw rubber like you see on some of our streets these days.  

I have watched, high powered motor bikes, beefed up motor cars and even heavy trucks compete in doing ‘burn outs’ where the tires either explode, catch fire or wear out down to the rim! 

There is one common denominator I would like to high light in all this high-powered, expensive, smoke billowing activity, which is now viewed a sport. No one actually gets anywhere! The vehicle with all its power, its driver with their adrenalin pumping passion… literally begin and end their ‘runs’ in the same place! Spinning you wheels is literally vanity… it achieves nothing, gets you nowhere… is a complete futile exercise! 

From a spiritual perspective, so many aspects of our lives can be exactly the same.  Pouring our energy, time, commitment into things that have no eternal value - is like spinning your wheels! Amassing wealth, being engrossed with how we look, obsessed with ease, comforts and pleasures of life …all these kinds of things are wheel spinning activities from God’s perspective. They will be judged (1Cor. 3:13) ‘burnt up’ as a waste of time, useless, and valued by God as nothing but vanity.

Lets be a people who have ‘wheels’ in life, not for vain spinning, but to glorify God by investing in “good works” (Eph. 2:10) that will move us forward in the Lord and result in eternal dividends.