“…be transformed by the renewing of your  mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” Romans 12:2

What a great weekend we have had at InStep Bible conference. But a question we need to ask is, why call this annual conference InStep? I remember the organizing team coming up with a number of suggestions seven years ago, but InStep was the tag name that captured what we wanted our bible conference to be about. So what is so capturing about the title InStep?  Simply put, we want teaching from Scripture that challenges us to be InStep with the instruction God has left on record for us.  Or it could be put this way,  – we want to come under bible teaching that challenges us to be InStep with our Lord Jesus Christ and His gospel. 

But that’s not all – because, only being challenged through the ministry at InStep falls short of the ultimate function of aligning our personal lives with the Lord which glorifies Him. 

InStep is a time where we can worship God by learning and submitting ourselves to His Word. But as we learn and submit, may we also be changed by the Word! How we need to be changed. The Christian life is one of being renewed daily, being transformed by the renewing of our minds (Rom. 12:2). In other words our behavior, our conduct in everyday life needs reflect the teaching and challenges we receive from the Word of God so as to be InStep with the Lord’s instruction.