In the past 24 hours, we have seen again the atrocities for man’s sinfulness - this time in Nice, France. Sad to say as Radical Islam moves further and further into the western world, this kind of activity is almost becoming a weekly norm - to the point where we as Christians can be almost be fearful that it will eventually reach our doors. But should this surprise us? Should the fact that the world is getting worse and worse shock us as Christians? And then in turn, what should our response be? The Scriptures say that as the time of the tribulation approaches, lawlessness will increase and people will turn from righteousness (2 Tim 3:1-5). There are many aspects of this we could examine but I would like to look at our response – in particular a response of fear and how these events should produce in us a greater desire for evangelism. 

Fear - of death, of pain, of suffering- it can be so commanding over our lives, to the point where it can take control and infiltrate everything we do. This is not how we are to live our lives and we must look to Scriptures to overcome this. Psalm 139:16- ‘Your eyes saw my embryo, and in your book they all were written - days fashioned for me when there was not one of them’. Because God is omniscient, He knows all our days. This should immediately produce in us a sense of security and peace. In the midst of adversity, even when our lives and the lives of those we love are at threat, God knows our days, He continues to work out His purposeful plan - and that should be a great joy and comfort for us. Philippians 1:21 ‘… to live is Christ, to die is gain’. This simple verse was the sum of what Paul lived by and it should be for us also. Christ is the reason we live and we live for Him, but if the Lord wills it that we die today, then to be with Him would be greater gain. Again, this is a great comfort for those of us saved through the gospel of Jesus Christ. If terrorism should come to our doorsteps, it is only because God has allowed it, and if it should take our life, then it is still to our gain if we are truly saved. One last aspect to look at is this – the comfort, security and peace that we have is only for those of us who are in Christ Jesus, so how much more should that motivate us to share the Gospel with the lost so they too might come know this security. May these truths be on our hearts in the days ahead.

Contributed by Alex Townsend