"For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus,” 1Timothy 2:5

My title reference to Christianity is referring to Christianity that submits to the authority of Scripture rather than religious tradition or denominational additions.

I say that because there is a move afoot today that would integrate Christianity with other belief systems all in the name of cultural sensitivity or not wishing to offend so, “lets do what it takes to get along together!”

But this cannot be so, because the true message of Christianity is offensive to man’s own ego. It cuts into his selfish pride as he struggles with the idea of the way of salvation being so exclusive, yet at the same time being open to all on God’s terms alone!

Philip Graham Ryken once wrote, “On the one hand, Christianity is the most exclusive religion imaginable. It insists that belief in Jesus Christ is absolutely necessary for salvation. Jesus is the only way. You must go to Him to get eternal life. On the other hand, Christianity is the most inclusive religion possible because it makes salvation accessible to everyone. Salvation is offered for all people through one Person. Whoever believes in Him will not perish. Anyone who receives or believes in Jesus will live forever with God. There are no racial, social, intellectual, or economic criteria that prevent anyone from joining God’s family. One of the problems with the other religions of the world is that they all smack of elitism… Only Christianity offers salvation to everyone as a free gift. [Grace Quotes]

This is why the message of the gospel is unique and we dare not create an amalgam that would in any way impede the truth distinctives of the biblical gospel.