“...Put on the new self who is being renewed to a true knowledge according to the image of the One who created him” Colossians 3:10

There have been questions asked relating to last weeks sermon, on the validity of using or having icons or images reflecting for us the earthly body of Jesus Christ.  

My immediate thoughts went to the emblems of Christ’s body and His death we remember Him with at the communion table. But these emblems are just that - they are emblems that point to something far more significant than what they represent. They are not icons or images designed to captivate our hearts to the point we treat these elements as being equal to the literal body and blood of Christ. That would be idolatry and be in breach of the second commandment. 

But here is where it gets interesting. God has from the beginning of time ordained and commanded something more tangible to represent Him on earth. In the beginning God created man in His own image. (Gen. 1:26) 

In other words, mankind was created by God to be His image bearers. But as we know sin has marred that godly image, not to the point of eradicating God’s image in us, but to the point that mankind needs that corruption removed so that our ‘image bearing’ status of who God is, might be restored. 

When we were ‘born again’ by the Spirit of God, (Jn 3:1-8) we become God’s image bearers - we become ‘holy’ those set apart for service to God.

This does not mean we perfectly image Christ, for that is what our sanctification is all about for this is God’s the ongoing and progressive renewal of His image in us. 

But the point in all this is - Believers are now those who serve the Lord by being images of Christ on earth. We are His living “icons/images” that are to reflect something of His glory. So, when people see us - they should see something of the splendours of Christ!