Everyone also to whom God has give wealth and possessions and power to enjoy them, and to accept his lot and rejoice in his toil—this is the gift of God. Eccl. 5:19

Many of will balk at the daunting idea of packing up and organizing our possessions - all the ‘stuff’ we have accumulated over the decades. This concept jumps to another level when this formidable task becomes a reality! 

This is where Valmae and I are right now - facing the intimidating task of packing up our possessions!

Actually, it is rather embarrassing. Only a quick look around and one soon becomes aware of the numerous amounts of things (some necessary and some not so) we have ownership of and the joy of using. 

This brings to my mind how materially blessed we are, but also the fact that its often amidst times of such blessing that many turn their hearts away from the Lord - the giver of every good thing we have! (James 1: 17)

The people of Israel fell into this trap on many occasions. One occasion after being delivered from their Babylonian exile, they soon got caught up in their own affairs. Haggai the prophet reprimanded them - “Consider your ways” ...”Is it time for you to yourselves to dwell in your panelled houses while the house of the Lord lies desolate?” (Hag. 1:4-5) Personal possessions became their priority over the things of the Lord. It was not wrong for them to have nice panelled houses but their priority of such personal comfort; possessions and wealth (Hag. 1:6) became all consuming. They became to them, first and foremost. This should not be folks! 

The Lord may well bless us with possessions but it’s our attitude toward them that the Lord takes serious note of. 

So what should our attitude be towards such gifts?
The above text tells us but read how John Piper also explains this: “If created things are seen and handled as gifts of God and as mirrors of His glory, they need not be occasions of idolatry – if our delight in them is always also a delight in their Maker. [Grace Quotes]