And I, brethren, could not speak unto you as unto spiritual, but as unto carnal, even as unto babes in Christ. 1 Corinthians 3:1

The word describing professing believers who are not walking with the Lord as they should, was often referred to as “backsliding.” We do not hear this word so much these days - perhaps because this spiritual state is of such epidemic proportion! This woeful spiritual state has at its root a coldness in heart toward spiritual things, a lack of devotion to Christ, and usually results in a declining interest of meeting with God’s people.

So what triggers such a state? What begins this sorry state, which believers can fall prey to. Here is a checklist to measure your own state of spiritual health.

I quote Owen Roberts, from his book ‘Backsliding’ cited in [Grace Quotes] Are You Backsliding?
1. Prayer ceases to be a vital part of your life.
2. The quest for biblical truth ceases.
3. Biblical knowledge is not applied inwardly.
4. Thoughts are predominately earthly and not heavenward.
5. The church service loses its delight.
6. Spiritual discussions are a source of embarrassment.
7. More time is devoted to recreation and entertainment than the Word and prayer.
8. Sins can be committed without any violation of the conscience.
9. Aspirations for Christ like holiness cease to dominate your life and thinking.
10. Your mind is focused on the acquisition of money and goods.
11. Religious songs can be mouthed without engaging the heart.
12. When hearing the Lord's Name taken in vain, you are not moved to indignation.
13. Watching-degrading movies become entertaining and acceptable.
14. Breaches of peace in the church are of no concern.
15. The slightest excuse keeps you from your spiritual duties.
16. The lack of spiritual power is met with contentment.
17. Personal sins are pardoned by a belief that the Lord understands.
18. An adjustment to the world is made with ease.
19. Nothing is done to relieve the misery and suffering which exists around you.
20. There is no concern for the lost or sharing the gospel.