Faith Instead of Fear 

The world we live in today is rapidly changing before our eyes. What was evil years ago and would have been rightly called perversion is the new normal and is celebrated. Western society that was once based on Christian principles is crumbing before our eyes. The natural response of the righteous to great societal changes is fear. In Psalm 11 people were saying to David “Flee...” and hide in the mountains because of the wicked and their evil schemes (11:1-2). Those same people were asking David “what can the righteous do” when the foundations of society are thrown down (11:3)? 

David’s tells them “don’t be afraid, trust God” (11:1). He then gives four reasons that the righteous should trust the Lord. 1. GOD IS SOVEREIGN OVER THE EARTH (11:4). God is holy, separate from all His creation. All things happen within His sovereign control. He is not surprised at the wicked and their schemes in any generation. 2. THE LORD EXAMINES THE AFFAIRS OF ALL PEOPLE (11:4). He knows what is in the hearts of men, and knows every detail of their thoughts and actions. 3. THE RIGHTEOUS ARE TESTED AND THE WICKED ARE JUDGED. God tests His people to see if they live live by faith or fear (11:5). God hates violence and those that commit violent acts! Do not fear the wicked, because God will rain down burning judgement upon them (11:6). 4. GOD IS RIGHTEOUS. God loves HIS righteous people because He is righteous. Take heart, don’t be afraid, trust God; knowing one day YOU will be privileged to see His face (Ps 11:7; Rev 22:4).