How Long Oh Lord? 

Are you in pain or distress? Is there any sadness in your life? Do you ever ask God “how long” the suffering, pain, sickness, or opposition is going to last? Do you ever wonder if God ever going to answer your prayers? If you have ever felt like this, know that you are not alone. King David expresses these same emotions in Psalm 13. He asks God “How Long...” (4 times in two verses). When things seem bad and it feels like God has removed Himself far from you (13:1)...PRAY! There is an old gospel song I used to hear every now and again. It goes like this: “when you don’t feel like praying pray, and when you think you just can’t get through, pray.” David prays to God asking for relief before death over takes him and his enemies rejoice in his downfall (13:3). 

It is ok to pray for relief in the midst of hard circumstances and hard people. Our prayers must be rooted in faith when we ask God “how long,” and when we ask for relief in the midst of pain and affliction (13:5-6). Just like David you must remain steadfast and trust in the character of God (13:5). We trust in God’s loving kindness—His covenant keeping love toward His people. In the midst of sadness and sickness you can rejoice in God’s salvation (13:5). Any trial that we go through in this life pales in comparison to the surpassing greatness of knowing Jesus Christ our Lord (Phil 3:8). You can sing to the Lord, even in trouble, because of His great mercy to you (13:6, Eph 2:4).