Steve Grant
Knowing God
Daniel 4:4-5, 10-16
04 August 2013

The idea of God’s sovereignty has to do with His absolute ownership of every corner of the universe for every single moment of its existence. As an idea, it is humbling, mysterious, illuminating and empowering, all at the same time. What’s more, it’s not an easy attribute to get our heads around as Christians have been debating the aspects and implications of God’s sovereignty for centuries.

Whatever the case, it reminds us that God is God; and we are not. It brings us face to face with the problem of evil and free will: If God is sovereign, why is there evil in the universe? If man has free will, how can God be sovereign? It’s also an illuminating doctrine because it teaches us that there’s no such thing as luck, fate or coincidence. What’s more, the sovereignty of God is an empowering doctrine. After all, if we believe God is sovereign, no power on earth can intimidate us.

If we unpack the idea of God's sovereignty from His Word, we soon discover that it is a truth that touches every aspect of life. Therefore it’s a truth that should be a part of our very being as Christians.