Geoff Hohneck
The Changed Life in the Workplace
Colossians 3:22-4:1
27 April 2014

 It is quite common for Christians to say that they are believers because of a past event where they made a profession of faith or some sort of commitment. But as we have been seeing in our series, being a Christian is all about an ongoing process. To be sure, this process does have its roots in a past event. However, the past event always has a continuing effect on the individual’s life. After all, those who truly experience the Saviour will desire ongoing change. Thus, its is the unfolding behaviour of the individual believer that authenticates their salvation.

So far we’ve seen how salvation ought to impact our homes, our marriages, and our children. And in today's passage, we see Paul focusing on the effects that the changed life has (or ought to have) on our relationships within the workplace. This is where there is maximum potential for showing the world (outside the home) the transformation that has taken place within us.

It is crucial to understand that in addressing slaves, Paul addresses a socio-cultural reality of the day. He doesn’t condemn it. Neither does he condone it. Rather, he addresses it in the light of the gospel. More importantly, he addresses both, transformed slaves and transformed masters, giving them instructions on how they ought to live in light of their salvation. Interestingly, these instructions aren’t to be followed merely within the realms of official contracts but in every sphere of life. In other words, Paul’s instructions apply to working people as well as retirees, students and stay-at-home mothers.

Sermon Outline

• Employees – Listen up! Do your work with sincerity for you are serving the Lord.
• Employers – Listen up! Be just and fair because you, too, have a master in heaven.