01 July 2012
Steve Grant
James 1:26,27

Who is a true Christian? How can you tell a true believer from one who isn’t? James makes it quite clear. Mere listening without accompanied personal transformation is an indication that the Word of God hasn’t entered our lives.

So we don’t become Christian because we do certain things. Rather, it’s BECAUSE we’re Christian that we do certain things. Our actions don’t make us Christian; instead, they confirm our faith in Christ.

This message flies in the face of the easy believism that is preached and practiced by many who profess to be Christians today. They have deluded themselves into believing that their singing, churchgoing, tithing and outward acts are evidence that they have been saved. However, James teaches the exact opposite - that true religion and worship is all about obedience to God’s commands. It’s not about outward show at all.

When it comes to the criteria for evaluating your true spiritual state where do you stand? Listen as Steve Grant unravels this critical message from James.