07 October 2012
Steve Grant
James 3:13-18

While no sane person would deny the importance of wisdom, very few know what true wisdom actually is. Some equate it with knowledge and hence spend their lives pursuing degrees in universities. Others equate it with some sort of mystic revelation and think it’s only to be found by living like a hermit. But James tells us that true wisdom is from above. More importantly, this wisdom isn’t just some intellectual pursuit, rather, it is a practical way of life. In short, wisdom, for James, isn’t a noun but a verb. And it is observed by how the person behaves.

While James is pretty straightforward in his depiction of true wisdom, Steve unpacks these characteristics of true wisdom to show what it means for us today. It’s a message we need to pay close attention to in order to evaluate if the wisdom we think we have is of this earth, or from above.

More importantly, it will help us identify the areas in our lives that need to be transformed if we want to be governed by godly wisdom.