21 April 2013
Steve Grant
Series on The Epistle of James
James 5:12


As Christians we need to remember that God hasn’t called us to take the easy way out but the right way out. He calls us to a life of integrity that can often come at a price. And in this verse, that’s what James is trying to convey – that as Christians we ought to speak the truth at all times. It’s a call to radical truthfulness that’s borne out by a consistent commitment to truth so that people know they can trust our word without requiring any oaths to back it up. 

In other words, James makes it clear that the life of a person bearing the name of Christ ought to have the highest standards of credibility and integrity. Where their ever word is grounded in truthfulness without any need for prefacing them with larger than life oaths.

Through this God shows us how much He values truth and integrity. May we respond with lives that give Him glory by living truthfully and conducting ourselves with integrity.