Geoff Hohneck
Romans 12:1-2
11 August 2013

WH Griffith-Thomas explains the importance of Romans 12-16 this way: After doctrine comes duty; after revelation, responsibility; after principles, practice.

Paul starts this chapter with a 'therefore'. This is an indication that his thoughts are predicated on the basis of his preceding arguments from chapters 1-11. In other words, Paul’s 'therefore' serves to show that the truth of God’s revelation deserves a response from us. As Christians, what should our lives look like in the light of our indebtedness to God? After all, there’s no doubt that we are indebted to Him.

How much of our lives are we giving back to God for what He rightly deserves? Geoff approaches this message as if it were God's altar call to us.

Sermon Outline:

1. What compels us to give back to God what He deserves? (vs 1)
2. How much does God deserve from us? (vs 1b)
3. How are we to change as God deserves? (vs 2)