The Ten Commandments — #03 WORSHIPPING THE RIGHT WAY

Geoff Hohneck
The Ten Commandments
Worshipping The Right Way
Exodus 20:4 - 6
5 February 2017

The second commandment extends the first by describing how God is to be worshipped. Not only are we to worship Him alone, but we must worship Him as he is, not as we want Him to be.

How do we understand the second commandment (v. 4 - 5a)? It commands us not to make a fake god we want. We are not to worship any creature, but rather the Creator. But it goes beyond this. The Samaritan woman who met Jesus insisted that Samaria was the only place to worship God, but Jesus told her otherwise (John 4). God is not to be limited to any one place, for He is the God of the whole world. Even when tradition disagrees, we must take God at His Word.

Why do we need to obey the second commandment (5b - 6)? We are to obey, for God is "a jealous God." This does not mean that He is selfish, but that He has a right to all praise, and desires it. For the Christian, this is a great comfort, for it means the Great I AM is for us. He owns us, and He is ours also! We are also to obey because of the consequences for us and our children. Although God judges the individual, parents' sin makes it easier for a child to learn bad habits. Or conversely, God shows love and grace "to those who love Me and keep My commandments." How much a better thing to leave for our children!

We are to worship God as He has required, not only for His sake, but for ours, and our children's also.