Community Spirit
False Gospels Exposed
Peter Rufus
31 July 2016

Evangelicalism today seems to use the term “Gospel” as a buzzword. Every church website seems to represent “a body of believers” who are “Gospel-driven” and “Gospel-centric”. Ministries and programs by the truckload are being launched in the name of “doing Gospel work in our city”. What’s more, Christians everywhere are being exhorted to support these ministries in order “to take the good news of Jesus Christ to a lost world”.

What are we to make of this? Is every church that claims to be Gospel-centric truly centered around the Gospel? Is every ministry initiative genuinely involved in Gospel work?

Whilst these are good questions that must always be asked by any conscientious Christian, they can only be answered properly by first knowing what the Gospel is. And what the Gospel is not.

It is only when clarity is achieved through a clear understanding of the subject based on Biblical concepts can we begin to evaluate the legitimacy of those who claim to be Gospel-driven and Gospel-centric.

In this session of Community Spirit, Peter Rufus breaks down the Gospel into its core elements so that you can understand what the Gospel really is. Then he shows how each of these elements can be distorted to create a false Gospel using real life examples from within the professing body of contemporary Christianity.

You will be amazed at just how easy it is to slide from Gospel Truth into Gospel distortion. And you will be shocked at just how many Christian leaders are distorting these core Gospel elements to lead people astray in the millions.

We hope that this session will be a blessing to you by clarifying the truth of the Gospel that saves. So that you can equip yourself against the subtle distortions that can lead to destruction.

You can either watch the YouTube clip or download the session in mp3 format. A PDF version of on-screen presentation is also available for free download so you can watch the video and click through the presentation simultaneously. 

Lastly, please feel free to share this with as many people as you can within your Christian community network. And pray that the Lord would use this resource to help people understand why the Gospel is such good news.