For the desires of the flesh are against the Spirit… Galatians 5:17

How often we hear the “I feel” phrase used in defense of decisions made or about to be made. We all use this at different times because our feelings are real and need to be engaged in order to function as normal human beings. God made us in His image as emotional beings who can express & use emotions for His glory, as they are guided by His Word. Yes - even our feelings must be submitted to the authoritative Word of God. What I mean is, our ability to feel, like every other facet of our beings, has been affected by sin so therefore cannot be trusted to guide us in the paths of righteousness. As a matter of fact Satan can use our depraved ‘feelings’ so powerfully they can deceive us into thinking they are right and proper thoughts from God!

I agree with David Powlison in his book Seeing with New Eyes; 

The Bible teaches us that our “feel likes” are frequently desires of the flesh. Most of our “felt needs” are idolatrous desires. They are meant to be killed by the Spirit, not indulged. Such is the way of life, freedom, wisdom, and joy in Christ.