“Let us rise up and build.” So they strengthened their hands for the good work. Nehemiah 2:18

Having a good work ethic in our everyday workplace should be a distinguishing mark of all believers. This will include aspects like loyalty, honesty, and reliability, going the extra mile, and of course, being diligent and hard working. There are also other attributes that might uniquely mark you out from the rest, like your creativity, inspiration and motivational skills, which also adds to who you are in the workplace.  

Our good work ethic and also our individual abilities and characteristics are also needed in the local church setting. As a matter of fact God expects us to use who we are and what we have for His glory. His church, seen in its local setting, deserves all we have and are, including those unique abilities, like creativity, inspiration and motivational skills. Opportunity knocks for us here at NCC and we need to constantly be ready to work. “Let us rise up and build.” I like how George Muller in, The Autobiography of George Muller, comments on this - Work! Walk through every open door; be ready in season and out of season as if everything depended on your labor. This is one of the great secrets in connection with successful service for the Lord – work as if everything depended on your diligence, and trust in the blessing of the Lord to bring success.