We live in a day where ‘me’ism’ is in full flight and taking control.

Promotion of self, as being what matters most in life, is endorsed both blatantly and ambiguously in homes, classrooms, political arenas, the counsellors office and sad to say, even in the church. 

The church? …How can that be? The subtle church me’ism message, goes a little like this. “Jesus loves you so much He died for you and wants you to trust Him so that you can know freedom and experience a wonderful life.”

Is that true …. Yes, kind of … but its not the whole truth! And when the gospel is not fully told, its false! This results in people being deceived through failing to understand the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The true gospel demands that, as we have been forgiven through the cross work of Jesus - we are to take up our cross and follow Him (Mtt 10:38) - to walk in His ways, not yielding to the flesh. (Gal. 5:16). This means that our lives are no longer our own, as we have died to self & personal fleshly agendas and are now living for the Lord. 

Lets preach the biblical gospel & understand as John Gregory Mantle once said: There is a great difference between realizing, "On that Cross He was crucified for me," and "On that Cross I am crucified with Him." The one aspect brings us deliverance from sin's condemnation, the other from sin's power.