For by Him all things were created, in heaven and on earth,…… all things were created through Him and for Him. Colossians 1:16

I often need to challenge my responses to circumstances in life with a question that goes something like this: “Who or what is reigning supreme in my mind that is directing this course of action?” Sad to say, the answer too often is, ME! 

I find that even as believers who love Christ and acknowledge His lordship over our lives, too often we place ourselves in the centre of God’s plan for our lives! Sadly, when decisions are made, or trials entered that test our faith, we default ourselves into the center, thinking that this is all about me! This can even happen in the church. We can easily begin to think that the local church is all about what it can do for me! How I can be spiritually fed. How I can be encouraged. How I can be ministered too! Before we know it, with this kind of thinking - Christ is not the center any more - He is just an incidental bystander.  Let us we repent of such idolatry!

Jesus Christ is our supreme Lord. He is the center of everything that exists. He is the center of our lives, our existence and reason for living.  I like how Dan Stone puts this in his book, The Rest of the Gospel, “God's plan was to bring into being a host of sons and daughters whom He would indwell; through whom He would live and manifest Himself; and in and through whom Christ would reign supreme. We are the beneficiaries of that plan. God, in His love and grace, has made us a part of His plan. But we are not the centre of it; Christ is.”