Be still and know that I am God. Psalm 46:10

We live in a culture where saturating our lives with busyness is considered normal. As a matter of fact, being super busy is often seen as being, positively progressive. Sad to say even believers can slip into an action, action, action pursuit, thinking that this is a godly virtue that brings glory to God. But, does it? Is that really true?

If our lives are over filled with busyness of whatever description - is there a cost to that? I believe there is. Read what Ajith Fernando in his book ‘The Supremacy of Christ’ says about this: 

Having lost the security of being rooted in the eternal reality of the Word of God, we are looking to busy activity to fill the void that has been created in our lives. And under that bondage to activity we find it difficult to linger with the Word simply for the joy of it. In fact, we may be afraid to stop our busyness lest it expose the shallowness of our lives. So we go on from activity to activity, from project to project. But activity is a dangerous source of fulfillment. Instead of finding our identity, our sense of self-worth, from our relationship with God, we begin to look to success in programs and other earthly indicators of success for our self-worth. But these will never satisfy. This will only enslave us more in our bondage to activity.