And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers. Acts 2: 42

This last week & during the weekend I have had an awesome time - not on my own but with other people. These were not ordinary people. These people were a ‘cut above the rest’. These people were special to me because they are believers in Jesus Christ, as I am. These people are those who I love above all others to hang out with!

How true it is that we have to spend so much of our time with unbelievers. Now please understand, there is nothing wrong with this. After all it may be our spouses are unsaved, our work colleagues, are likely to be unsaved, and even some of our friends we socialise with, are unsaved. Having these people in our lives creates tremendous opportunity for evangelism for the glory of God.

But fellowshipping, hanging out with the Lord’s people is the best of the best. 

This side of heaven, it will not get better than that folks. This is why we should make fellowshipping with believers whenever we can, a top priority.

One great benefit of this, it helps keep us on the straight and narrow. The Puritan pastor, Thomas Watson once rightly said“Associate with sanctified persons. They may by their counsel, prayers, and holy example, be a means to make you holy.”

May we know and experience in our lives the joy and blessing that comes from making hanging out with God’s people a top priority.