“…so that in everything they may adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour.” Titus 2: 10

Most of us spend a good bit of money in the adorning department. Last week in trying to make myself more presentable (a very difficult task) I had a haircut and then purchased a new jacket to wear on special occasions. 

Most of us do all sorts of things to enhance, improve, portray a tidy, better-looking image of ourselves -right? We go to the gym, go on diets, buy new clothes, and pamper our bodies with all sorts of lotions and potions all in order to be healthy, feel good and look just a little bit better! This is a natural call for most of us where we adorn our imperfect bodies in order to reflect and enjoy some self - improvement to our image!

But how much determined effort do we spend in a more important adorning department where we are called by God to “adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour”? You might ask; “How do we do that?”  Titus 2:1-10 is full of practical examples of what we need to ‘wear daily’ to adorn the gospel, the doctrine of God. Things like the words and subject matter of our conversations, love for our spouse, sensibility of our youthful actions, the dignity of a good work ethic. All these and more are what it means to “adorn the doctrine of God…” In other words our lives must be those that reflect, show off, the beauties and truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We must spend our lives representing Christ by our daily adorning, to a lost world. We must as Paul said to the Corinthians “I will most gladly spend and be spent for your souls.” (2Cor. 12:15) May we  “ adorn the doctrine of God our Saviour.”