"I am the bread of life, he who comes to me will not hunger, and he who believes in Me will never thirst.” John 6:35

The above text is the response Jesus gave to some who had just experienced the amazing miracle of feeding the five thousand. They sought him out because they longed to see and experience another miraculous phenomena. They wanted to be with Jesus in order to be elated once again by this miraculous free meal. (6:26) 

I find that there are many in our churches today who gather, and even ‘follow Jesus’ in order to be pumped up with emotional music, inspirational messages and ‘feel good’ worship times. 

In other words their faith commitment to Jesus Christ, (if there is any) to His word and to His people are secondary at best! What is often most important to them in a church, is whether the church will provide for them the positive feelings they long for and believe they deserve. 

The problem is, just like those who followed Jesus for the free entertainment back in His day, people today also allow feelings to become more important than faith. When that happens, the event, the show, the presentation in church, becomes more important, and God becomes less important. (Ed Welch. Grace Quotes) 

Faith in the person of Jesus Christ must be paramount. This may well produce emotion but understand, emotion never produces faith. That would be like “working for food that perishes...” (Jn 6:27) 

I like how Francis Schaeffer states it; We must stress that the basis for our faith is neither experience nor emotion but the truth as God has given it in verbalized, prepositional form in the Scripture and which we first of all apprehend with our minds.