Your Walk With the Lord 

This psalm is a great picture of the faithful believer’s life. What a great encouragement this psalm is to God’s people. There are prayers for help in the midst of trouble, prayers for guidance in how to please the Lord and walk in His ways, prayers for forgiveness of sins, prayers for protection from enemies; all with an over arching trust in the LORD. 

The best part of this psalm is its emphasis on the character of God. This psalmist says God is trustworthy. You will not be disappointed in God in the midst of difficulties (25:1-2). David prays for God to reveal His truth to him, so that he can live it out (25:4-5). God is the source of all truth, and His word, the Bible, reveals man’s nature & purpose in this world. God is man’s only hope for salvation (by grace through faith in Jesus Christ) (25:5). God is also merciful and loving to His people (25:6). He is good and just, and all of His ways are good and just (25:8-10). God is a forgiving God. He does not remember your sins, or count them against you (25:7,11). You can have intimate fellowship with God as members of Christ body and participants of the New Covenant (25:14)! The psalmist says that God is gracious, He sympathises with with His people in their weakness (25:16). God is powerful enough that He can guard you, protect you, and deliver you from evil, and provide a refuge (25:15,20). Be encouraged Saints! God has not changed, you can know Him, and trust in Him.