Are you going through a trying time right now? Does it seem like your adversaries are growing bolder and your circumstances harder? If this is the case, then know that your circumstances are like King David in Psalm 3. Believers, you can be encouraged by David’s words. 

There will always be those that despise you, laugh at you, and oppose you because you are a Christian. This opposition may be subtle, or it may be blatantly obvious and direct. Like David’s opponents, your adversaries may personally attack you and question your faith in God (Ps 3:2). In the midst of this opposition you must remember that you can have confidence in God’s character and love for His children. In uncertain times God’s people can have confidence that He hears their prayers and will sustain them (Ps 3:3-5). The encouraging thing for believers is that as they experience God’s faithfulness and His sustaining power, they are inspired to greater confidence even in the face of greater opposition (Ps 3:6). 

When you go through trying times you can cry out to God and anticipate His salvation (Ps 3:7-8). The hard circumstances that you are in are all within His sovereign plan. He is perfecting your faith (Jam 1:3), increasing your patience (Rom 5:4), and producing fruit in your lives (Luke 13). In trying times you can cry out to the Lord and know that He will sustain you through the trial, and know that His plans cannot be thwarted by the world. Believers you can have confidence in God’s character and care for you!