When you look around this world what do you see? We see nations that do not care about God or His ways. Governments do not want to know what God’s standards are and will not submit to His authority. They shake their fist at Him and they believe that they are tearing God’s chains off (Ps 2:3) They refuse to acknowledge that it is God that controls all nations (Isa 40:15 – 17), establishes borders (Deut 32:8), and sets up or removes kings (Dan 2:21). We cannot be surprised when we hear of elected officials despising human life that was made in the image of god. We should not be surprised when governmental officials say and do things that are hostile to Christ.

How does God respond to the nations that refuse to honour Him. Psalm 2:4 says that God laughs at them. Not only does He laugh at their scheming and arrogance, but He executes terrifying judgment upon them (Ps 2:5). Jesus the Messiah will rule the world and all nations will bow before Him and call Him Lord (Phil 2:10).

How should we respond? Those that rebel will perish, while those that submit will find a blessing. As believers we know that the world hates us and our Lord (Jn 15:18). We also know that this world lies in the power of the evil one
(1 Jn 5:19). Our great comfort is that this world’s rebellion and dishonour will only be tolerated so long by God before He executes judgment. All people submit and worship the Son properly in reverence and honour (Ps 2:11-12).