Apple of God’s Eye 

Have you ever heard of the expression “apple of the eye?” It means the center of one’s attention and affection. The people of God are the apple of His eye. His love for the saints is demonstrated in His protection and provision for them. In this psalm David petitions God for protection and rescue from the wicked that are surrounding him (17:8-9). He pleads for protection and deliverance from the wicked, who prowl about like a lion seeking to devour the righteous (17:12). David knows that God will hear his prayers because he is righteous (17:1). He has lived a life of integrity according to God’s word (17:4). 

The wicked of the world will face the judgement that they deserve (17:13). They are fully satisfied with all the treasures of this world (17:14). They look at what they have accumulated and are content with leaving it to their children. Their treasure is their god and their appetites are are their own destruction. This life, and this life alone, is the wicked’s portion and inheritance (17:14). 

The righteous, on the other hand, are to live satisfied lives focused on the eternal rather than the temporal. Brethren, our portion is God Himself. Love Him, trust in Him, and know that you are loved with an everlasting love. The inheritance that we have is not of this world; it is an eternal inheritance waiting for us (1 Peter 1:4). David says when his early days are over, he will see God’s face and be satisfied forever and ever (17:15).