Let the God of my Salvation Be Exalted! 

Have you ever taken some time to think back upon your life and praise God for His faithfulness? That’s what David doing here in Ps 18. He thinks back on God’s strength, refuge, deliverance, protection, provision, and lovingkindness and he cannot help but saying “I love you LORD” (Ps 18:1). Do you have this intimacy with the God who created and sustains all things? David uses intense military words to describe God’s care for him. He says that God is his “fortress,” “stronghold,” “shield,” and “horn of salvation.” God delivered David because he took refuge in Him (18:3-4). There will be times of trouble for God’s people (18:17), yet God is in control and will give light in times of darkness (18:28). 

Brethren, there is no need to let fear and anxiety gnaw away at you. Remember “The Lord lives...!” He is not a mute and dumb idol. HE is the Living God! HE is your salvation and your deliverance (18:46-47). God was sovereign over all aspects of David’s life, culminating with victory over his enemies and divinely ordained rule. God is sovereign over your life as well; He works towards His ultimate goal, your Christikeness (Rom 8:28-29). God honours his promises to His people; just as he will honour his promise to David that one of his descendants will rule forever (2 Sam 7) in God’s own Son, the Messiah, Jesus (18:50). Let us give thanks to God and sing His praises among the nations (18:49)!