PSALM 19 (Part 2)

God’s Word Reveals His Will & Transforms His People 

What is the single greatest way that God has revealed Himself to mankind? If you said the Bible, then you are correct! It is in the Scriptures that God has chosen to reveal Himself and His will to mankind. The heavens cannot reveal God’s holiness, His mercy, His love, and His judgment upon sin. It is through the word of God that we can come to understand our purpose and destiny in this life, who God is, and what He has done. 

David describes the word of God as: perfect, restoring life, trustworthy, right, enlightening, enduring, and truth (19:7-9). Because of these qualities, God’s word is more desirable than fine gold, and sweeter than honey (19:10). 

There can be no salvation apart from the word of God. “Faith come from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ” (Rom10:17). It is through the Scriptures that mankind is warned about his sin and consequential judgment (19:11). It is through the word of God that we are continually transformed into the image of Christ (2 Cor 3:18). The Holy Spirit uses the Scriptures to help us discern our hidden sins, so that we may confess and repent of them (19:12). We must be careful that we do not sin willfully against this revealed truth. Presumptuous sins will rule over us and dominate us when we choose to disobey (19:13). We should desire to live “blameless” lives in accordance to the Scriptures. The challenge for each of us is to be diligent to spend time in Bible, both individually and corporately in order to bring about a Christlike transformation of our lives (Rom 12:2).