Praying for Your Leaders 

“God save our gracious Queen...” Does this sound familiar? It should, if you are a citizen of any British Commonwealth Country. This song comes from Scriptures, including this psalm. It is easy to forget that governments are God ordained (Rom 13); and as followers of Christ Jesus we are to submit to these authorities, even when they are not the group that we would have in rule over us. We should pay our taxes, obey the laws, and show the proper respect that is due (1 Peter 2:17). We must also pray that those in power are guided by God to do good and protect the innocent (1 Tim 2:2). The assembly prays that their king would be guided by God, and that God would answer their king’s prayers (20:1-4). The congregation is confident that God will give the king his heart’s desires because they are confident that their ruler’s desires line up with God’s will (20:5). 

David responds to the people’s prayers by stating that he is sure that God hears the pleas of His people and will protect the nation from evil (20:8). David also understands that it is not about military might, but rather trusting in Mighty God that gives victory (20:7). This psalm ends with the people once again crying out to the Lord to save their leader and protect him from their enemies. Brethren, this is an example for us to follow in praying for those who govern us. Pray for your leader’s salvation, pray that they would have wisdom from God, and that God would protect your nation from its enemies. God Save the King (Ps 20:9)!