The LORD is MY Shepherd 

Brethren, as a member of His flock (Jn 10:16), you can truly say “The LORD is MY Shepherd!” (Ps 23:1). God loves you with an everlasting love, and that love is demonstrated in your life. God provides for your needs so that you are lacking nothing of what you need (23:1). The LORD provides times of great blessing and quiet rest for you, His sheep (23:2). He restores the weary soul and guides you on the right way with your best interests at heart (23:3). All the while, brethren, you can trust in God because His name, His reputation, is at stake with the lives of His saints. If you should walk in a valley of deep darkness, know that you are not alone and take comfort in Him (23:4). You have no need to fear because God has led you to this dark valley and will see you through it (23:4). In God’s sovereign plan there will be times when His will is for you to be in the very presence of those who seek to devour you (23:5). Know that He is still there with you, looking after you and blessing you (23:5). As a child of His, know that goodness and mercy are chasing after you wherever you go, throughout your whole life (23:6). What a blessing for you to say, “I will dwell with MY God forever” (23:6).