God Will Not Abandon His Beloved 

Have you ever been in a situation that was so difficult that you wondered if God had forsaken you? Was the trial was so severe and the opposition so fierce that you had no one else to turn to? Have you ever identified with David and said ”I cry by day, but You do not answer; and by night, but I have no rest” (Ps 22:2). The psalmist in Psalm 22 is experiencing this type of circumstance. The psalmist is an example to us in how to suffer for our faith. He says that God has not changed (Ps 22:3-5). Though times are tough we can trust Him and we will not be disappointed. In a series of verses the psalmist gives a running catalogue of all that his enemies are doing to him (Ps 22:6-18). The psalmist knows that God will hear his cries and and asks God to not be far from him in this terrible trial (Ps 22:11,19). God will not abandon His people (Ps 22:19-21). The proper response to God’s nature (holiness-Ps 22:3), and His works (deliverance- Ps 22:20-21) is praise and worship (Ps 22:25-31). Brethren, tell others about God’s goodness and mercy that He has shown you. God is glorified when He receives the honor He deserves (Ps 22:27). 

The great aspect of this psalm that it is a Messianic psalm and was appropriated by Jesus while He was on the cross. Much of this psalm is quoted in the New Testament. Jesus was forsaken, and endured much hardship upon His cross at Calvary. Remember as you read this psalm that Jesus Christ suffered and died for you.