Geoff Hohneck
Spiritual Wardrobe Requirements
Colossians 3:9-17
16 February 2014

 As God’s born again children, we need to not only destroy the habits of the old self but also develop habits that are in synch with our new hearts. Paul exhorts us to put on our new person so that we might put Christ on display in our lives. The word picture is of putting on a new set of clothes from our spiritual wardrobe whilst discarding the rags of sin we once clothed ourselves in.

Paul reasons why this act of discarding the old self and putting on the new self is incumbent upon every believer — the old self is gone (vs 9). What's more,  there is a renewal going on (vs 10-11). God’s plan is not to renew us and leave us to ourselves. Rather, He continues to work in us to conform us to the image of His Son. While it is true that we are instantly given new hearts, it is also true that we are not given instant spiritual maturity. That is an ongoing work. And it depends on continuous learning on our part i.e. the renewing of our minds based on the Word of God.


Sermon Outline

• Our new position (vs 9b-11)
• Our new wardrobe (vs 12-14)
• Our new priority (vs 15-17)