Geoff Hohneck
A Changed Life And Our Relationships
Colossians 3:18-4:1
02 March 2014

Headship of the husband within Christian marriages is one of the most controversial topics in contemporary western culture. However, at the very outset, we need to understand that this has nothing to do with equality or intelligence or worth. Because we see the same submission within the Godhead without affecting equality or dignity or worth of the members of the Trinity. Each one of them is equal in all respects, yet we see them submitting to each other and this relationship of mutual submission is what Christian marriages ought to reflect.

Thus, the true test of a life transformed by Christ is not only evidenced by our relationships with one another, but more importantly, our relationships within the home.

Sermon Outline

• A WORD TO WIVES (vs 18)
Society (and even some Christians) would argue that such a verse is not relevant in today's world. But this argument is easily dismissed on the grounds that nobody would contend with the relevance of the next verse (i.e. husbands to love their wives). Hence it's clear to see that both verses are relevant for believers in this day and age. What's more, any attempt to rebut the validity of this command will deeply injure the God-ordained relationship between husbands and wives. After all, submission to the authority of scripture ought to be part and parcel of the changed life.  


As the Biblical wife is exhorted to submit to her husband to the extent that she is required to live for him, likewise the Biblical husband is exhorted to love his wife to the extent that he will die for her.  What does this look like? Husbands are to love their wives:

– Authentically
– Sacrificially (don't just give her things, give her yourself)
– Purposefully (a husband’s job is develop his wife to be all that god wants her to be)
– Personally (our love ought to be the same as the love we have for ourselves while looking out for our own well being)
– Spiritually (1 Peter 3:7 says we should care spiritually for our wives so that it will not hinder our prayers)