21 October 2012
Geoff Hohneck

Romans 5:6-11

Geoff continues to explore Paul’s train of thought regarding the believer’s eternal security with three more links in God’s chain of salvation. What’s most assuring about these links that they are undergirded by an unchanging constant – God’s unfailing faithfulness towards us.

If it was our love that bound us to God, that bond wouldn’t last. But praise God that we are bound to Him eternally not only His love, but also the certainty of His promises, as well as the anchor of our hope – Jesus Christ Himself!

So as we wrap up this section on the reasons for the believer’s eternal security, here are the links in God’s chain of salvation which He states as an objective fact: we have eternal peace with God through Christ by His justification (vs 1); we have an eternal standing in God’s presence (vs 2); we have an eternal hope in God (vs 2); we have God’s love within us (vs 5); we have God’s promise of certain deliverance (vs 9-10); He has given us every reason to rejoice because He has reconciled us to Himself (vs 11).

 In the words of John MacArthur, “If the dying Saviour reconciled us to God, surely a living Saviour can and will keep us reconciled.” Listen and be encouraged that as a child of God, you are eternally secure.