28 October 2012
Geoff Hohneck
Romans 5:12-21

Having confirmed the believer’s eternal security in the past couple of sections, Paul now makes the same point from a different perspective. His argument is that if the finished work of Christ was sufficient to justify us, surely His present work of indwelling us is enough to sanctify us and fit us for heaven.

And it’s precisely because of this ongoing work of Christ that we can live in the expectation of overcoming every trial in our everyday lives. After all, just as original sin came to us through Adam, the free gift of righteousness came to us through Christ. Moreover, it has been given to us in abundance.

Geoff works through these arguments of Paul’s to bring out an edifying truth for every believer – that there’s more to the Christian life than living in anticipation of heaven. After all, we can live triumphantly in the here and now by enjoying the free gift of righteousness given to us, and by drawing on the power of Christ who indwells us.