04 November 2012
Geoff Hohneck
Romans 6:1-14

When it comes to personal beliefs and convictions, the acceptable norm in today’s culture seems to be that what you believe in doesn’t matter as much as how you feel about what you believe. And this practice of elevating subjective feelings over objective beliefs is permeating the thinking of many Christians as well. So much so that there are many who profess the name of Christ but who base their evaluation of truth not on the Word of Christ, but on their personal feelings. The idea seems to be: if it feels right, it must be the Word of God to me.

What is required is a balance between Biblical truth and our subjective feelings and emotions based on that truth. Reason why Paul lays out before us certain objective facts that are true regardless of how we feel about them. Consequently, it is our comprehension of these objective truths that will determine the way we live; and not vice versa.

Geoff uncovers three basic facts that ought to inform the believer’s lifestyle choices and behaviour. And it is only when we submit to these truths (instead of our personal feelings), that we get an accurate understanding of what a truth-adopted life looks like. Listen and evaluate for yourself if your evaluation of truth is based on God’s Word or your own personal feelings.