24 February 2013
Geoff Hohneck
Romans 8:14-17

In this message Geoff delves into the culture of Paul’s time to understand what adoption meant to Paul and the people he was writing to. This is critical if we want to understand what Paul means by adoption into the family of God. Because to understand the implications of the adoption that Paul is talking about is to understand the great privilege we have of being adopted by God. And hence, it is to understand the joy that ought to be the hallmark of anyone who has received this divine adoption.

So what are the joys of the Spirit-led life? What does a life that is Spirit-led look like? What are the results we should expect if we are being led by the Spirit? Listen and be encouraged as Geoff systematically steps through the meaning of being Spirit-led for every believer’s life.

Sermon Outline:
• The joy of being adopted into God’s family (vs 14-15)
    – We have a new family
    – We have a new Father
• The joy of being assured of salvation (vs 16)
• The joy of being divinely rich (vs 17)