03 March 2013
Geoff Hohneck
Romans 8:18-27

In this passage, Paul refers to two realities – the present suffering that all humans undergo, and the future glory that is yet to be revealed. Geoff unpacks Paul’s flow of thought to reveal the yearnings of all God’s creation for full and complete redemption.

While believers are complete in Christ, there’s still an element of bondage we’re in because of the consequences of Adam’s sin. In fact, God wants us to stop groaning for the things of this life and to groan with an intense yearning for the life that is to come. We are like holy seeds placed in an earthly shell. The spirit of holiness that God has given us is still incarcerated in a prison of flesh. Nevertheless, the best is yet to come.

Sermon outline:
• The groaning of creation (vs 19-22)
• The groaning of believers (vs 23-25)
• The groaning of the Holy Spirit (vs 26-27)