10 March 2013
Geoff Hohneck
Romans 8:28-30

Despite the complexities of life, which are seemingly incomprehensible to the extent that we don’t know what to pray for, as believers we can be sure of certain things. For instance, in this passage, Paul tells us that God doesn’t just save us to leave us to own devices. Rather, God saves us and sanctifies us, all the while weaving our circumstances into His ultimate plan. This is knowledge that the believer can be confident of because it is embedded in God’s plan for His glory, as well as for humanity.

While many religions would teach that salvation and ultimate bliss with God is dependent on man’s resolve, The Bible teaches that it is solely because of God’s resolve to save man that we can ever hope to be with Him. This is the learning that is evident from the passage before us. What’s more, the practical implications and applications of these two verses are far-reaching and massive.

Sermon outline:
• God’s resolve has a promise
• God’s resolve has a purpose