God Demonstrates His Love To Those Who Trust Him 

What do you trust in? What do you run to when life gets tough? Is it a person or a thing that gives you a measure of security in trying circumstances? In Psalm 21, David places his trust in God for strength. David knows that all who trust in God will find His love unshakable (21:7). Knowing who God is as recorded in Scripture brings confidence to the life of every believer. David praises God for His power and strength demonstrated in his life. He has seen God be faithful to His promises and has the utmost confidence in God. David was the recipient of a covenant with God (1 Sam 7), where God promises that his kingdom will endure before Him forever. This is ultimately fulfilled in Jesus Christ, the son of David. 

Brethren, you can have confidence in the love of God (Rom 8:35-39). God hasn’t promised or nations victory over their enemies (21:8). These promises were made to the nation of Israel alone (Deut 29-30). He does promise that one day the wicked will be removed from our midst and face judgement (Ps 21:8-10; Rev 20:11-15). You can be of good cheer as you think on the faithfulness and love of God in His salvation (Ps 21:1). You can praise God in times of trouble for His power and strength to endure all trials that He has given you (Ps 21:13). Most of all you can be joyful like King David, knowing that you have the presence of God in your life (Ps 21:6). God says in Hebrews 13:5“… I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you.”